Best Carry On Luggage for Women

Now that you've established what exactly to look for in a carry on bag from the article How to Choose the Best Carry On Luggage, it's time to see what's available that meets your buying criteria. Based on my experience I have selected some styles that I feel would be be ideal. Use them as a starting point but feel free to explore on your own. I have also selected items with great customer reviews and which are currently priced extremely appealingly.

What I like about the Ninewest bag as good carry on option for women is the all round combination of great features. It has a good number of pockets and compartments; sturdy, hard-wearing wheels, a strong fold-away handle and is well constructed. If you like the idea of a duffle that folds away into a compact area when not in use, the Timberland fits that bill and the addition of a second carry handle allows it to be carried like a regular duffle bag.

 For those who like the idea of a rigid case construction the Olympia carry on bag is both fun and easy to recognise in a crowd. The case is expandable for extra room and the four wheel caster layout makes the bag very easy to manouevre. For the girl who prefers to travel light (and loves Hello Kitty!) the Hello Kitty Pink Leopard Weekender is a great little bag with plenty of room for a short stay.

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