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Leg Training Exercises For Ski Fitness

Build Leg Strength For Skiing With Targetted Exercises and Focused Workouts

Winter Landscape and Freestyle Skier Print
Career skiers know how important leg training exercises are to keep their legs, hips and knees in peak condition to not only enjoy a full day's skiing but to avoid injury as well. Workout programs which target the muscles and joints of the legs are essential to ensure that a skier's legs survive a full day of rigourous exercise, jolts and strain without feeling achy and worn by day's end.

Imagine this. You've saved all year for that incredible ski holiday in a ski resort you've dreamed of for years. You wake up to a crisp blue sky, sun shining on a windless day. There has been a good overnight fall of snow and you and your mates are first to hit the lifts. The morning's skiing goes well but by the time you stop for lunch you are glad for the break - your legs are starting to 'feel it'. Refreshed and rested you are ready for a full afternoon back on the ski runs. But an hour later your legs just can't take any more. Your muscles burn and your legs feel like jello! Your mind is willing but your legs have had enough.

Your legs need ski fitness.

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Introducing Avalanche Ski Training

Leg Training Exercises For Ski Fitness

Leg Training Exercises for Ski Fitness
It was after a punishing day’s skiing in amazing conditions that Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, Mike Geary and a group of friends realised they would get far more enjoyment out of their skiing if their legs didn’t feel so tired and heavy well before the end of the day. Half way into the first day they began to experience deep leg burning and severe fatigue which was slowing them down until eventually, one by one, they gave the skiing away for the day.

That evening, as Mike and his friends sat around soaking their sore legs in the hot tub, they tried to analyse what had failed them. Yes, they were all in pretty good condition physically. It was just that their legs lacked the physical preparation required to handle a full day of very physical exercise. Mike’s friends challenged him to come up with a program to ensure that their legs would last the day on their next trip to the mountain. “Mike, you’re a professional fitness trainer… why don’t you come up with some sort of program for skiers to develop rock solid legs that can last all day long on the slopes without the deep burn and jello legs?”

Developing The Avalanche Ski Training Program

Leg Training Exercises For Ski Fitness

Leg Training Exercises For Ski Fitness “beyond just the typical wall squats and leg extensions that everybody does thinking that these alone are going to give them the leg endurance and strength they need to tear up the slopes”.
According to Mike, his aim was to create a program which went

His aim was to develop the best programs which would achieve the leg strength needed to support the body’s weight in the variety of positions required to get the body down the mountain, as well as to build the muscular endurance which would allow the legs to continue to perform all day long.


Testing The Avalanche Ski Training Program

Leg Training Exercises For Ski Fitness

Leg Training Exercises For Ski Fitness
With the help of his friends who gladly tested out the program as it was developed, Mike came up with a comprehensive plan to not only strengthen and build the necessary endurance in the muscle groups of the legs, but would also focus on the related joints as well. Mike knew that it was pointless to have great leg muscle strength if the knees and hips were unable to tolerate the stresses endured during a days skiing.

The feedback after three weeks of three to four sessions per week was positive. The guys enjoyed the leg exercises which involved no use of machines. It was time to get back on the skis and see if the regime would produce results.

The first day back on skis was all the proof that was needed. Every one of those who participated in the training agreed that by the end of that day’s skiing their legs not only felt in great shape, they also felt like they could keep on going.

And so The Avalanche Ski Training Program was born!

Testimonials For The Avalanche Ski Training Program

Leg Training Exercises For Ski Fitness

Avalanche Ski TrainingHere’s what Joseph Mastropasqua of Toms River, NJ had to say about
The Avalanche Ski Training Program“I’m skiing more aggressively now and don’t have to rest as long anymore. Now I can ski the steeps, moguls, powder, and endless vertical without leg pain. Thanks for a great program.”

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What methods do you use to get your legs ski ready?

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Cheap Stunt Scooters for Teens

Ready to break loose from the scooter your Gran gave you for Christmas three years ago and hit up the ramp on something that will perform the way you want it to? Then these are no question the rides you're looking for! Now your old Razor A is still a cool deck but if you really want to get some air you need something with more. And these stunt scooters will get you bombing without busting your plastic. So sit back and take a closer look at these sweet rides. Any of these stunt scooters will lift your game to another level. And listen up Grandma! If you've made it this far then don't leave without checking out these cheap stunt scooters. Giving one of these is sure to make him happy!
Just starting out with scooters or looking for one as a gift? Then check out Best Kick Scooters for Kids for some great Razor and other Kick scooter selections

Minecraft for XBox 360

If you are the parent of a pre-teen you are more than likely aware of Minecraft, the game played online where the player builds virtual constructions one block at a time. Minecraft allows players to create from their imagination and the results can be as simple or as elaborate as their imagination allows. While the point of the game is mainly to build, things are kept interesting in the form of various monsters that appear at night so the player must also build protection for his virtual self as well as his building in progress. There have been some quite amazing creations produced by Minecraft players. One dedicated Minecrafter (arguably with no life) built a 1:1 scale version of the Starship Enterprise! You can take a guided tour of it here on Youtube.
So why would you want to play Minecraft on your XBox when the online version is so well featured with a large, experienced community? Firstly the game has been adapted to take full advantage of the XBox 360 platform but the main differences are simpler crafting, in-game tutorials and split-screen multi-player as well as online multiplayer for up to eight players over Xbox LIVE. Minecraft for XBox 360 is in pre-release and orders are being taken now. Release in the US in June 4 while in UK it is June 28
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Snoozies Slippers for Mom

If you haven't heard of Snoozies then prepare to be delighted! Snoozies are a range of slippers for the whole family available in a wide range of colourful, bright and fun designs. They are economical so you can spoil yourself and have several pairs. Snoozies slippers also make great budget gifts as they are not only useful, they are bound to bring a smile to the face of whoever they are given to. With Mother's Day approaching, why not consider a pair or three of snoozies so her feet are never cold.
Of course there are
Of course there are lots of other ideas for slippers for Mum besides Snoozies. For more suggestions on cute, warm or unusual slippers as mother's day gifts or any other occasion visit Fun Slippers Perfect For Mother's Day

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Cutest Calendars For People Who Love Dogs

2016 Dog Calendars for Dog and Puppy Lovers

Boxer Puppies 2016 Wall Calendar
Man's best friend comes in all shapes and sizes. And for every breed there is a horde of devotees. The fun and adorability of dogs has been captured in these beautiful calendars. Dog lovers will be delighted to hang one of these gorgeous calendars on their wall in 2016.

From the cutest of fluff-balls to the noblest of the larger breeds there is bound to be a calendar here to honour your favourite breed. There are many more fabulous calendars devoted to dogs at Dogs 2016 Calendars if you can't find what you are looking for here.

This cute Boxer Puppies 2016 Wall Calendar is available HERE


The more I see of man, the more I like dogs. ~Mme. de Staƫl

Dog Dreams 2016 Wall Calendar

So cute!

Apparently, dogs can sleep an average of 14 hours per day. This calendar captures puppies and dogs in a range of different sleeping positions that are just so adorable!

Shop For The Cutest 2016 Dog Calendar By Breed

Afghan Hound to Australian Shepherds

Shop For The Cutest 2016 Dog Calendar By Breed

Australian Terriers to Bernese Mountain Dogs

A Dog's Life 2016 Wall Calendar

One of The Cutest 2016 Dog Calendars

A Dog's Life 2016 Wall Calendar
A Dog’s Life 2016 Wall Calendar

This hilarious view on a dog’s life by artist Ned Young in Legacy’s 2016 Wall Calendar will have you in stitches. This witty 12-month calendar is printed on high-quality, linen-embossed paper that has a distinctive, luxurious feel to it, and comes in a protective envelope. With hand painted illustrations by the artist on the date pad to provide the calendar with a distinctive, unique look all its own and a 2-year calendar (2016/2017) and space for notes on the last page. Brass gusset on front cover for added durability.

Shop For The Cutest 2016 Dog Calendar By Breed

From Bichon Frise to Boxers

Shop For The Cutest 2016 Dog Calendar By Breed

From Brittanys to Chocolate Labradors

Dogma 2016 Wall Calendar

One of The Cutest 2016 Dog Calendars

Dogma 2016 Wall Calendar
Dogma 2016 Wall Calendar
It’s a dog’s life – and this is the calendar to prove it!. Nationally recognized photographer Ron Schmidt gives dog lovers a visual treat with his charming photos paired with what can only be described as doggone brilliant maxims. This calendar has gone entirely to the dogs – and you’re going to love every minute of it.


Shop For The Cutest 2016 Dog Calendar By Breed

From Chow Chows to English Cocker Spaniels

Dogs We Love 2016 Wall Calendar

One of The Cutest 2016 Calendars for People Who Love Dogs

Stunningly realistic and technically brilliant paintings by Sueellen Ross portray man’s best friend in typical day to day activities and their most endearing best. Puppies playing, dogs running and just relaxing – you will be captivated by the authenticity and attention to detail.

Sueellen Ross's passion about depicting animals that are dear to her shines through in her dog paintings. She starts each one with a detailed graphite drawing, then uses India ink to fill in dark areas, watercolors to add color, and finally colored pencils to achieve texture and depth. The results are incredibly realistic works of art, in which dog lovers see the hearts and souls of their own dear companions. Portraying real dogs in poses and activities that immediately spark recognition in any owner, the twelve beautiful paintings in this calendar will have dog lovers handing out extra treats to their pets.


Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole. ~Roger Caras

Shop For The Cutest 2016 Dog Calendar By Breed

From English Setters to Great Danes

Blue Dog 2016 Wall Calendar

One of The Cutest 2016 Calendars for Dog Lovers

George Rodrigue’s Blue Dog is one of the most recognizable images in the world of contemporary art. Steeped in the legends and Cajun myths of Rodrigue’s Louisiana upbringing, Blue Dog catapulted to worldwide fame in the early 90s, and has not looked back.


The dog was created specially for children. He is the god of frolic. ~Henry Ward Beecher

What Puppies Teach Us 2016 Wall Calendar

Quite Possibly The Cutest 2016 Dog Calendar!

Those who have raised puppies know they have lessons to teach: smile more; play hard; sleep soundly; love without inhibition. These lessons and more in What Puppies Teach Us 2016 Wall Calendar are demonstrated in twelve charming full-color photos and accompanying text. The large format wall calendar features daily grids with ample room for jotting notes; six bonus month of July through December; moon phases; U.S. and international holidays.

Whiskers and Paws 2015 Wall Calendar

Whiskers and Paws is a tribute to the special pets who bring joy to our hearts and homes. With its rich, full-color photographs and accompanying Inspirational Scripture verses, this calendar will be a cheerful inspiration to you every day of the year.


Happiness is a warm puppy. ~Charles M. Schulz

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