Monday, 24 November 2014

Contour HD Helmet Camera for BMX & Mountain Trail Biking

Contour ROAM2 Waterproof Video Camera

Contour ROAM2 Waterproof Video Camera

If you have a boy who loves BMX or Mountain Trail Bike riding then I'm betting you'd love to see what he's experiencing. Now you can re-live those exhilarating moments together with the use of a Contour HD Helmet Camera. Simply fit the additional helmet mount bracket to your boy's helmet or bike mount to the bike frame and the Contour HD Helmet Camera slots easily in place. Starting and stopping the camera are easy even with gloves on and the camera is not only built to take knocks it is also water resistant as well which is great for those water crossings on the trail. The Contour HD Helmet Camera records in up to 60 frames per second (30fps in full HD) so quality is great even over bumpy terrain. Filming using a Contour HD Helmet Camera is totally hands free so your child's enjoyment of his favourite sport isn't compromised. See more Contour Helmet Camera options

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