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Halloween Birthday

Host A Halloween Themed Birthday Party

Halloween Birthday Cake
My birthday falls very close, in fact almost on, Halloween. Like those whose birthdays are close to other major holidays such as Christmas, it is easy to feel a little overshadowed by the somewhat bigger celebration. But why not take advantage of the party atmosphere and incorporate the theme into your own celebration. Here are some fun tips and ideas for a Halloween Birthday. Make it an annual event and you can build up a great collection of decor items each year. Even encourage guests to bring gifts that suit your theme.

Check out this years range of Halloween themed decor items.

Image used under a Creative commons licence from Meg


Toast of the Zombie Sculptural Goblet: Set of Two

Serve your guests wine from these quirky glasses to get the party going. These are the ultimate in undead drink ware! Exposed to knuckles and torn flesh, a bony hand brandishing overgrown nails lifts a nearly 7 oz. glass goblet to cheer in painstakingly hand-painted quality designer resin. These will definitely set the tone for your Halloween Birthday

Halloween Birthday Party Invitations

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All of these designs can be personalised to suit your exact purposes. Replace text with your own where indicated. Didn’t see the design you wanted? Try these: Halloween Invitations

Prepare For Your Party

Crazy girl in a graveyard art print print
Crazy girl in a graveyard art print
by thebootique

So keeping in mind that this is YOUR birthday and all about you you’ll need to plan your party so it goes off exactly the way want you want it to. If you prefer to keep it private then you will need to make it clear that this is the case.

Consider for example whether it will be an open house or by invitation only. If it is by invitation only, what strategy will you employ to make your party welcoming for your guests but not encourage all the Halloween revellers from the neighbourhood?

  • Perhaps you could have something attached to the invitations that party-goers must wear such as “the black dot”. At the front of your house you might have a sign which reads “Only those who bear the mark may enter”

Will you be happy to have your evening endlessly interrupted by trick-or-treaters? Not that you are mean-spirited or anything, but as we said earlier, this is your birthday and it is all about you. How will you handle the trick-or-treat issue without interrupting your night?

  • You could have a large container of some sort out front of your house which is filled with treats and above it a sign which reads “Ghouls and monsters may retrieve one item. The penalty for taking more is agonising death”

You could also start your party a little later, after the main rush has died down.

Dress up Your House

For Your Halloween Birthday Party

By incorporating some Halloween themed items into the front of your house along with the suggestions listed above your invited guests will arrive knowing what is ahead and ready to get into the spirit of the evening.

Create A Halloween Birthday Interior

Make it fun or make it creepy but make it yours!

It’s fair to say that creating a birthday interior space for children in any theme is simple with an abundance of supplies to choose from. Just go here and Choose Your Theme

Vintage Halloween print
Vintage Halloween by Jhulligan
Large format printing by Zazzle
For an adult Halloween themed birthday party however a little more imagination is required.

Fabric is a good versatile decorating medium. Use light filmy white and drape from light fittings for a cobweb effect. Dark can be used to cover windows and brighter window coverings.

Old books, paper and tatty objects can be incorporated for a neglected appearance. Twigs work well in place flowers, scatter some old cushions. If you are using candles be careful in close proximity to the rest of your decorating, consider using LED candles for safety reasons.

Dress Up Your Celebration Table

With a Halloween Theme Table Runner

Table runners allow you to dress up your table for a one off or once a year occasion without making a big financial outlay. Why not add a lamp throw as well?

Dressing Up Yourself

Okay, so this is the fun part and really it is all up to you. Will you choose to be something creepy and a little bit scary or will you elect to be a more imposing, ethereal figure such as this Athenian Goddess? As the host and undisputed centre of attention it is your prerogative to be the star of the show so go all out and let your imagination go wild.

For more ideas for costumes visit The Halloween Fun Shoppe








Still Undecided? Start At The Top

These Wigs and Hair Pieces Might Inspire Some Ideas

Laying On A Halloween Feast

Black Pasta Salad for Halloween

Black Pasta Salad for Halloween
Buy This

Some people love catering. They really get a kick out of it and derive a great deal of satisfaction from pulling of a complex menu that produces lavish praise. For others, the whole idea of laying on food for a crowd brings out the cold sweats. If you fall in to the second group and your budget allows then why not consider getting catering in? Once you take in to account haw much you would spend on ingredients and produce, and factor how much time and stress you will save yourself, you may be pleasantly surprised at how little extra it is really costing.

For the host who wants to claim credit for the whole shebang there are literally thousands of sites you could go to for inspiration for a Halloween party menu.

Novel Halloween Salt and Pepper Sets

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally Salt & Pepper ShakersNightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally Salt & Pepper Shakers

Enjoy Your Halloween Birthday

How will you make your party a real Halloween birthday occasion?


Heather Burns said...

How fun to have a Halloween birthday!

Lesley said...

My birthday is October 21st and my parents always, always, always threw me a Halloween birthday party. I really love that cake, that's really cool!

Kim Giancaterino said...

We have two family birthdays that fall on the 30th. What a fun time for a birthday celebration. Mine is on New Year's Eve, so it's all about the champagne!

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