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Beautiful Orchid Gifts and Decor Items

Bring Some Tropical Beauty Into Your Home With Beautiful Orchid Gifts and Decor Items

Beautiful Orchid Gifts and Decor Items
Some of the most spectacular flowers are orchids. Typically found in tropical locations, although with the right conditions, they can grow successfully in cooler climates as well, orchids are showy without a heady scent than can be problematic for some people.

When decorating or gifting, items which feature images of orchids can add colour or sophistication to a room. Either way, they will certainly brighten any living space.

These orchids were all photographed by me in the Garden of The Sleeping Giant in Fiji.

Orchid Fun Facts

Did you know that orchids are believed to be the largest family of flowering plants with currently accepted species numbering between 21,950 and 26,049?

Source: Wikipedia

Beautiful Orchid Mugs

Orchid Flower Gifts

Beautiful Orchids Stickers

These lovely stickers can be used for any number of applications.

Beautiful Orchid Plants as Gifts

If your recipient has a green thumb and the right conditions, a live orchid plant makes a lovely gift.

Find more Beautiful Live Orchid Plants here.

Orchid Fun Facts

Did you know that the name Orchid comes from the Greek ├│rkhis which means "testicle", because of the shape of the root?

Source: Wikipedia

Beautiful Orchids Bags

these make great gifts for orchid fans or yourself

Take your favourite flowers with you while you shop!

Beautiful Orchids Invitations

These beautiful invitations are templates which means you can modify the text to suit your individual requirements.

Realistic Artificial Decor Orchids

Just because you can't grow plants doesn't mean you can't enjoy the look of flowers in your home. These flowers look absolutely real and will have guests looking twice.

Orchid Fun Facts

Did you know that orchids occur in almost every habitat apart from glaciers? They are usually considered a tropical plant as a large majority of species are found in these parts.

Source: Wikipedia

Beautiful Orchids Postage

Beautiful Orchids Wrapped Canvas Prints

These stunning wrapped canvas prints will add a touch of style to your room.

Zazzle How-To Video

If you need a hand to guide you through the steps to customise any product on Zazzle this video will help
How To Make Your Own Custom iPhone Case

Which Orchid Gift Is Your Favourite?

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