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Perfect Picnic Ideas

Plan the Perfect Picnic for Two, a Family or a Crowd

The in-between seasons, whether that means leaving behind the heat of summer or coming out of a cold winter, are the perfect time to take your lunch outdoors and have a picnic. In Spring you can soak up the warming rays of the sun. My favourite season is Autumn when the mornings turn crisp but the days often still feel like summer and then as the day closes a freshness washes over it and dusk can be magical. When the weather is like this an entire day can be spent outdoors simply enjoying life. On the days when nothing is demanding your attention or if you are not one to chase the next adrenalin rush what could be better than packing up a picnic basket with a delicious meal and loading up the car with a rug and the essentials for a ball game or two.

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Picnic Time Barrel Picnic Basket, Service for 2 Start With a Picnic Set

Wicker Picnic Set for Two

This lovely picnic set has everything you’ll need to serve the perfect picnic for two. Two melamine plates, stainless steel flatware with plastic handles, two serviettes, two wine glasses, salt and pepper set, corkscrew and a cotton tablecloth. Simply add the food and you’re good to go!

Picnic Time Barrel Picnic Basket, Service for 2

More Sets for a Perfect Picnic for Two

These sets contain everything you need for a perfect picnic as well as space for food and beverages.

Planning Your Perfect Picnic

Start The Day Before

Of course, it’s fabulous if you can just throw a few things together and go but a perfect picnic takes a little bit of forethought. Whether it is a romantic picnic for two, a fun afternoon for a crowd of friends or a relaxed outing with the family, it will be more enjoyable and stress-free if the food is organised in advance.

Think about how you will transport the food, whether you want it hot or cold and plan accordingly. Will you need to get something fresh, such as bread on the morning before you go? You’ll need to know where you can quickly go to and depending how early you plan to get away, what time they open.

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Perfect Food Ideas for a Perfect Picnic

There’s really nothing stopping you taking just about any food your heart desires on a picnic but foods that work really well are those that need the least preparation. Finger foods such as single serve savoury pies and quiches are great, bread rolls either pre-prepared and wrapped at home or with all the fillings brought in separate containers work well. We love chicken wings and drumsticks, ham, cheese and tomato rolls, meatloaf sandwiches.

Take a thermos flask of soup and another of boiling water to make tea or coffee. If the weather is cool and you have children with you take a thermos of hot chocolate.

Perfect Picnic Sets For Four People

All Your Food and Serving-ware in One Place

Choosing The Perfect Location

for your perfect picnic

Shady Walk In The Trees Canvas Or Print 
Shady Walk In The Trees Canvas Or Print

Of course this is highly personal and also depends a great deal on where you are and how your party is made up. If you’re in your local area, no doubt you already know a couple of great places but if you are venturing out to somewhere you haven’t been before you may be unaware of what facilities, if any are available. A great picnic really only needs somewhere to sit and a pleasing surrounding. Somewhere to sit which is suitable depends very much on the abilities and agility of your group. If you have an elderly or incapacitated person to cater for you won’t want to make them sit on the ground. Finding a park with tables isn’t always possible. This is where having some fold up chairs with you can be essential. Even if the remaining members of your group are seated on the ground.

Lay Out a Perfect Picnic on the Ground. Use a Lined Picnic Rug

Keep one of these in the car all the time and you have the start of picnic where-ever you happen to be.

Shade and Pest Protection for Your Perfect Picnic

Great for a Whole Day Picnic

Look out for a site with plenty of shade, especially if it is warmer weather, or shelter in case the weather is likely to turn. If the site you have chosen offers little to no shade or shelter a portable shelter can be very useful. In some cases you may need to protect your food from birds and insects so screened shelters can be very useful. If you have a baby or small child who will need a nap, providing a shady place can be enough to allow them to snooze even in unfamiliar surroundings

Useful Fold Up Chairs and Tables

Great for Picnics and Camping

What Makes a Perfect Picnic for You?

  • KimGiancaterino Oct 25, 2013 @ 7:57 pm
    We go to lots of local outdoor concerts, so a picnic basket and a bunch of folding chairs are a must. Our RV is stocked with loads of picnic goodies. Al fresco dining is the best!
  • ElleDeeEsse Oct 26, 2013 @ 7:08 am
    It sure is Kim

  • flycatcher Apr 14, 2013 @ 11:01 pm
    The perfect picnic for me is chunks of bread and Wensleydale cheese, eaten while perched on top of a stone wall overlooking a broad swath of moors, washed down by a bottle of shandy... but any meal taken outdoors is a great pleasure.

  • AngryBaker Apr 14, 2013 @ 6:18 pm
    I love eating outdoors... these are some great ideas.

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