Friday, 19 June 2009

Surf's Up - Summer's Here - Let's Go!

Have you ever noticed the single-mindedness of children and adolescents? It can last an hour, a day or a year but when they're under the spell of the object of their present fancy their devotion to it is total. Take for instance, the time my sons came across a skimboard at a garage sale. It was slightly damaged, but nothing too serious. At one corner of the trailing edge a small chip had been taken out which meant the laminated timber was beginning to part.

Now we are mountains dwellers. Australian mountains mind which means hills to most respectable mountains dwelling residents of countries where there are real mountains. What it means however, is that there are not too many waves in the near vicinity. It means a trip of around 100 kilometres (that's around 60 miles to you good old imperial measuring folk) to get to the nearest swell. For many people this would be a small deterrent but our busy schedule involving the sporting activities of four children just for starters prohibits us making the journey too frequently. We are lucky to have family living near the beach so the excuse to go visit arises occasionally. And it was on one of these visits that our eldest son vowed to become an expert with his new-found passion.

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