Saturday, 13 February 2010

Winter Magic Selection

The Winter Magic Festival is held every year in Katoomba, NSW, Australia on the nearest weekend to the June (Winter) solstice. This popular festival encourages all who come to strip off their averageness and celebrate the unusual. There is always a strong Wiccan theme and witches and wizards, faeries and goblins are abundant. Street stalls line the main thoroughfare which is closed for the duration. The highlight of the event is the street parade and it closes with fireworks from the roof of the Carrington Hotel.

Every year in June the town of Katoomba, located in the beautiful Blue Mountains just west of Sydney Australia, hosts the Winter Magic Festival as a celebration of the Winter solstice. This is a time to ditch the grey, throw off the beige and abandon averageness as there is no such thing as too weird or bizarre on this occasion. The general theme of the event overwhelmingly is all things pagan or wicca and witches and faeries are a common sight.

Katoomba street is closed to traffic and taken over for the day by a sea of people enjoying the market stalls that line the street. Music venues are scattered throughout the precinct and an abundance of food stalls adds delicious aromas to the atmosphere.

The highlight of the morning is the street parade which commences at the bottom of the hill and makes its way to the top of Katoomba Street to the delight and applause of onlookers. Featured in the parade there are representatives of local dance groups, theatre groups unique and special interest groups all displaying a riot of colour and trying to outdo each other contributing to the cacophony of sound.

Buskers are commonplace and due to the nature of the region it is possible to encounter a performer who has contributed in some way to main-stream Australian television or movie-making.

The event closes with a final musical performance followed by a wonderful display of fireworks from the roof of the gorgeous Carrington Hotel.

If you find yourself in The Blue Mountains in winter make sure to be in Katoomba for this delightfully eclectic festival which is top of the calendar for every Blue Mountains local.

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