Sunday, 14 February 2010

Handy Manny Tool Toys For Boys

Handy Manny Tooling Around DVD - Handy Manny Tool Toys
Handy Manny Tooling Around DVD
If there is one toy that is evergreen for boys it is the tool-set. It may have changed and evolved through the generations but ultimately the idea is the same. The current offering for little boys is the toy series based on the popular television show: Handy Manny. And because it is a character little boys (and girls) can identify with you already know they'll love the range of toys supporting it. Handy Manny Tool Toys are fun and brightly colored to appeal to young children.

The show (and characters) is very similar to the popular UK children's show, "Bob The Builder" with one major difference: Manny is bilingual, and so he also finds appeal among the large hispanic community within the US.

The appeal of the characters and the toys which are based on them is in the concept of building, making and fixing; something which is easy for a child to relate to. The range of toys includes everyday items which Manny (and the child) will build and be proud of.

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