Tuesday, 16 February 2010

It's Time To Get A New Sewing Machine

Time for a New Sewing Machine - Vintage Sewing Machine Poster
Vintage Old-Fashioned Sewing Machine Print
It’s decision time. In the past I have been variously an occasional home seamstress, a cottage industry hopeful, a home decorator maven, a repair and mend reluctant stitcher. Many years ago, my mother gave me a Janome sewing machine for my birthday and I immediately enrolled in night-classes for Pattern-Making and Garment Assembly. I had visions of starting my own business, doing exactly what I don’t know but it involved my sewing machine.

But life’s events took over and those ideas were sidelined. I’m not sure I would have been very successful in that particular field but the time I spent studying the craft formally gave me enough to give me confidence to tackle projects I may have otherwise considered too challenging.

In more recent times, the sewing machine really only gets dragged out to do a bit of mending or for a more unusual project such as curtains or cushions or fancy dress costumes.

Now my 30 year old trusty friend needs attention and after learning how much it will cost to look at the machine and give it a service (parts extra) I am thinking I may as well get a new one. The problem is, is it justified? Will it get used?

I do have a couple of immediate projects I could take on if I am so inclined. In any case it got me started researching what I can get for my as yet un-allocated budget.

I am being drawn towards the Brother range for a couple of reasons although I will need some final persuading. I have always considered the brand to be a bit on the cheap side. This is based wholly and solely on my past experience as a Sales Consultant for fax machine products where I would often compete against them. But to assume that a brand is inferior based on one product is a generalisation and I am also aware that while some brands have a reputation for excellence in one particular field, other projects they take on are often less than perfect.

So being an open-minded consumer (with a small budget) I took a closer look at what Brother had to offer in their sewing machine range. And was pleasantly surprised! Not only are the feature sets outstanding but they represent excellent value for money and the customer reviews I have come across are very encouraging as well.

I haven’t made my decision yet but the Brother machines are looking very appealing.

For more information see my Brother Sewing Machines Comparison.

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