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Beaded Door Curtains

Beaded Door Curtains For a Range of Applications

Beaded Door Curtains - Hawaiian Hula Wahine Tiki Bamboo Single Panel Room Divider
A fantastic item for introducing a relaxed and casual feel to your living space Beaded Door Curtains are not just for doorways! Having been created as a functional screen to reduce harsh light, discourage insects and help air movement, Beaded Door Curtains still continue to perform these functions brilliantly but there are a number of other creative ways that these decor items can be introduced into your interior space. One use is as a room partition.

Screen an unsightly laundry area, or a workspace, separate a dining and living area. I'm sure you can think of others.

A beaded door screen can be used as a wall feature. Simply suspend from a hook or two on a large, blank wall, they can be positioned in such a way that they dominate a vertical space or placed behind a low cabinet to extend to the ceiling height.

Beaded Door Curtains Featuring Tropical Flowers

A Lovely Tropical Feel for Your Home

Perfect for beach-side living or anywhere that a floral theme would be at home.

It really doesn’t matter what’s on the other side of this curtain, when you’re sitting back in your papa-san wicker chair drinking lemon iced tea (or any long cool drink) and the breeze is gently caressing your bare arms you could be sitting within a few feet of the sea.

Can't you almost smell the heady fragrance?

Tree of Life Beaded Door Curtain

Tree of Life Beaded Door Curtains 

To Enhance the Feeling of Peace and Spirituality

For tranquility, serenity and contemplation The Tree of Life Beaded Door Curtain is the perfect screen to reflect your spiritual lifestyle. The Tree of Lifea image imparts a special feeling of calm and inner peace. A true welcome for visitors.

Beaded Door Curtains Featuring Palm Trees

Bringing the Seaside In

See them sway in the breeze! Get the feel of seaside living no matter where you live with these palm tree doorway treatments. Beaded door curtains featuring palm trees and beach scenes are ideal for a home at a seaside location. With the sound of the surf as your daily sound-track and a gentle breeze blowing through an open door, the scenes depicted on the bamboo beads of these door screens are perfectly suited to coastal living.

Beaded Door Curtains Featuring Palm Trees


The Room Illusion Beaded Door Curtain Beaded Door Curtain

The Bookcase Beaded Curtain disguises a doorway or section of wall and gives the appearance of an actual bookcase. 

This is particualarly effective when hung in a doorway as the door frame will look exactly like the outer casing of a bookcase. 

Hide an ugly utility room or give an accent to a bare wall and give the impression of a well-read home.





Beaded Door Curtains With a Kombi Theme

Sense the Freedom of a Coastal Road Trip

The Kombi promises escape, fun, adventure and just a little nostalgia. When you see a Kombi it’s hard not to immediately think of seaside escapades and worry free living.

Kombi Beaded Door Curtains

Beaded Door Curtains With a Spiritual Theme

Calm, Serenity and Inner Peace

Reflecting your way of living and attitude to life. Setting the tone for visitors to your space.

Spirituality Beaded Door Curtains




Beaded Door Curtains With a Seaside Theme

You Know Where You Long to Be

Year round summer. These door curtains reflect the themes of the beach. Tropical flowers, waves, surfboards and thongs (the footwear kind)

Beach Themed Beaded Door Curtains

Kandinsky Squares and Circles Beaded Door Curtain

Squares & Rings - Kandinsky Beaded Curtain 125 Strands (+hanging hardware)

Squares and Rings - Kandinsky Beaded Curtain 125 Strands (+hanging hardware)

Here's a novel way to get a Kandinsky artwork into your home! This bamboo door curtain is strung with 125 strands of bamboo beads each painted in vibrant colours to make up a design based on one of Wassily Kandinsky's piece's, Color Study: Squares with Concentric Circles. The original abstract work upon which it is based, completed in around 1913 hangs in the St├Ądtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Munich, Germany

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